Cobra Fit to Speed Custom Club Fitting System

Cobra Fit to Speed Custom Club Fitting System

Cobra Golf introduces the Fit to Speed™ custom golf club fitting system. Designed to determine the Accurate Set Composition for golfers of all abilities, this innovative process uses a player’s individual ball speed to determine exactly which clubs create the ideal set make-up for that player – from driver, fairways and utility metals to irons and wedges.

“Our research shows that most golfers have clubs in their bags that aren't used very often due to a number of factors including: Distance overlap with other clubs, too large of a distance gap between clubs, and a lack of confidence in the particular clubs distance and/or forgiveness,” said President of Cobra Golf, Jeff Harmet. “The objective of our new Fit to Speed custom fit system is to optimize the performance of every club in a player’s bag by fitting them with ball speed and then generating Accurate Set Composition.”

From the popular HS9 and Speed Series drivers and fairway metals, to the new Baffler DWS and Baffler Pro utility metals and King Cobra S9, FP and Carbon CB iron sets, the Fit to Speed system enables every player to be fit with a complete set of high performance Cobra golf clubs generating ideal gaps between clubs for accurate set composition.

Every Fit to Speed session is conducted by a certified Cobra Golf fitting professional. By Spring 2007, more than 2,300 fitters will use the exclusive Cobra Speed Monitor to accurately measure a golfer's driver ball speed and launch angle as well as estimated club head speed and distance. Then this data is used to determine the player’s final Accurate Set Composition. Cobra Golf will be the first manufacturer to place launch monitor technology at several thousand locations around the country to aid in the fitting process. Now golfers of all abilities will be able to experience this exciting new technology.

The Fit to Speed ball speed custom fitting process includes:

   1. Fitting the golfer with the appropriate driver model, loft and shaft based on ball speed and ability.
   2. Determining initial iron model recommendation based on player’s ball speed and aesthetic preference.
   3. Customizing the recommended iron (lie, length, shaft type, flex, grip).
   4. Determining initial set composition and club comparison recommendations based on player’s wedge preferences and ball speed.
   5. Comparing fairway metals, Bafflers and longer irons to determine final Accurate Set Composition based on player’s ball speed.

For more information about the Fit to Speed program or any other Cobra Golf product, visit or contact Cobra Customer Service (800-555-9282). To schedule an appointment with a Cobra Fit to Speed Custom Fitting Professional call 765-662-8236 or complete our online form.