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Titleist Custom Club Fitting

Arbor Trace is now fitting for Titleist golf clubs. Satisfying serious golfers at every level begins with understanding their performance needs and expectations. Titleist is the leader in custom-built golf clubs, and the branded leader in custom fitting. We offer a wider array of stock and exotic shaft choices, grip options,and custom specification range than any other golf manufacturer, to remain consistent with the Titleist philosophy of providing Serious Clubs for Serious Golfers. The Philosophy of Titleist Custom Fitting is dynamic and takes into consideration each golf's unique combination of swing variables such as swing plane, angle of attack and, most importantly, ball flight to ensure the most properly fit golf equipment. The more finely tuned the custom fit, the more likely shots will be hit on the sweet spot of the club, resulting in more shots on target. Titleist is committed to fitting serious golfers of every skill level in order to determine the specifications that will enable golfers to ultimately enjoy the game at a higher level.

SureFit Bag

For 2017 Arbor Trace has a SureFit Bag!  SureFit Bag locations employ Titleist certified fitters with a selection of the essential club options for both fitting and demo. Their SureFit Bag holds 100+ combinations of heads and shafts so that you can experience the performance and feel of Titleist clubs. To schedule an appointment with a Titleist Custom Fitting Professional call 765-662-8236.
For more information on Titleist equipment visit http://www.titleist.com